Dwarkanath Tagore was the founder of illustrious Tagore (Thakur) family of Bengal in India. He was an entrepreneur who dominated the business world of Bengal in 1830s and 1840s in a short span of his life of 53 years. He was born in 1794 and died in 1846. He is credited with introduction of steam engine technology and modern corporate forms in India. He had business interests in coal mining, tea gardens, insurance companies, banking, joint stock companies, silk, indigo, newspapers, landed estates and ocean going ships. In his corporate vision he sought interracial cooperation in business. He also dreamed of an industrialized India to attain a status of equal partner in British commonwealth of nations. The other illustrious sons of this family after him were Debendranath and Rabindranath (Guruji). His decedents now live in Berlin.

Photograph Source: UNESCO as accessed on February 13, 2011

Information Source: Blair B Kling: Partner in Empire.