Santhal hool is translated as Santhal uprising. Santhals are a tribe of Rajmahal hills between Bhagalpur and Rajmahal (falls now in present Jharkhan state of India). It was headed by Sido Murmu (Santhal) and Kanhu Murmu (Santhal). They were able to motivate 60,000 Santhals from nearly 400 villages to stand against the oppressive activities of British officers and their associates in form of zamindars and moneylenders. The uprising took place in 1855 and was suppressed only by 1866. A major massacre took place during this suppression. An officer of Major General was deputed to crush their uprising. According to British officers, the major carnage resulted because of brute and reckless activities of Santhals. Report of Calcutta Review had called them meek and yielding tribe.

Digital Source: Official Website of Jharkhan State

Authority Referred: Bipin Chandra and five authors: India’s Struggle for Freedom


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